Aeropan aircraft
The Aeropan Wafer Cruiser (AWC Aeropan), is a wafered like vehicle, simaller to the Millennium Falcon in the Star Wars adventures by George Lucas. It is a blue/purple and gray cruiser, and is found when you first go to the abandoned facility. They use a mix of HCBE and Light Eco as fuel, thus creating a fusion of energy called Nyjro Hasz (nie-j'uh-roe hotch). They are flown by Dark Aeropan Warriors (the D.A.W.P. is the organization were the Dark Aeropan Warriors come from: Dark Aeropan Warrior Program).


They were just put out and created, after Skyheed and Ruskin found out about Jak's siding with the Eco Pirate Republic. They are flown by the Nyjro Hasz Aeropan Warriors (the most elite dark aeropan warriors).



They have the design of the millennium falcon from the Star Wars Fantasies, from George Lucas, a flying wafer, with to hand wings at the front, with a stopper turret on the head, with plenty of splits, patches and numerous, random designs. It is blue/purple and gray vehicle.


They provide a shield to the turret, in which provides a shield for the ACS Behemoth.


Abandoned Facility.


  • This may not be the vehicles real name, it was never said, this is just presumed, and rumered by High Impact Games The Lost Frontier enthusiasts.

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