Brink armadillo
Mutant Armadillo


Dasypodidae Mutant


Brink Volcano Research Rig







Armadillo are the main enemies on the Brink, Volcano, and Abandoned Research Rig. Although there are Dark Aeropan Warriors, and Sawbots and Drillbots. They are mutant and man eating. They dig under ground to maneuver. They use their teeth as weapons and are natural and offensive. There are three different types of armadillo. They are an enemy.

Natural HabbitatEdit

They live under ground, whether it be high humidity, moist places, metal, or rocky-warm enviournments. They live under ground.

Life SpanEdit

They can take 2 hits with a spin-kick, or 1 hit with the leaping punch. Or, one shot with a gunmod from the gunstaff.


They bite. Although lava armadillo breathe fire to harm people, as well with biting.

Types of ArmadilloEdit

There are three types of armadillos:

Name Scientific Classification
Brink Armadillo Brinkal Dasypodidae
Lava Armadillo Pahoehoe Dasypodidae
Dark Armadillo Protonatural Dasypodidae

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