Screenshot psp jak and daxter the lost frontier036
Danger Course, GCA


Targets, Turrets




Conveir Belts


All (besides light eco)


Survive the Danger Course Goal

The Danger Course is a location in north-west down-town Aeropa. It is a gun range and Jak goes there once for a challenge to see if he is capable of obtaining the eco-seeker. It is filled with targets (enemies and aeropans), Turrets and moving barriers. There are three different areas - in the first course Jak is put to the test to destroy sky pirate targets and close shooting to not shoot aeropan civilians. The second area - is a bulls eye targeting with conveir belts to move on and light bulbs to shoot out to get extra points. (note: on a side step close to the end, step on and go through the course and there are two precursor orbs). The third area - is a replica of Far Drop, (lights, wrotting wood, upside down houses and even Barter's Tavern).





Three different area's, where Jak has to do different tasks. In the first course, Jak is put to the test and has to shoot the Targets which include Sky Pirates targets. In the next area Jak has to shoot platforms to access the next area. Getting Gold gives you two precursor orbs and more dark eco. In the third area Jak is in a replica version of Far Drop where he has to shoot more targets. He later has to dodge a machine gun by running back and forth to shield like walls.




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