Dark Eco








Power, Currency

Dark Eco is a dark-purple sphere, with wafers criss-crossing each other creating chaos within the tiny spheres. They are taken by Jak, and are found by fallen enemies. The common Dark Eco Sphere is used by Jak to convert dark eco into other colors of eco. You may buy upgraded attacks for Jak, by trading in dark eco from Keira. Large amounts of Dark Eco may create a Dark Eco Pool. Which is a thick dark ooze that is highly toxic to living organisms and machines. Dark Eco doesn't only come in spheres and pools; but also in crystal form. A dark eco prism is often seen, in some missions (given to you by the Precursor Oracle), you have to destroy dark eco crystals and bring the spheres back to the oracle. You also have to destroy dark eco prisms on the ACS Behemoth towards the end of the game.


Dark Eco may transform humans, if, dark eco wires are put into the human. It then creates a dark warrior. Jak was enabled to turn into a dark warrior, but due to the abscense of eco, he could not. There are also dark Aeropan warriors, which were also dark warriors. Daxter, was doused with a pool of dark eco, back when he was a human, that turned him into an ottsel (otter-weasel). Then he got doused again and turned into a Dark Warrior-ottsel, called: Dark Daxx. Dark Eco is very dangerous and is one of two most powerful ecos in the Jak and Daxter universe.



Dark Eco Spheres can be found by killed or fallen enemies. But pools of dark eco are mainly located in the Abandoned Research Rig. Dark Eco Prisms are located around the brink area.


Dark Eco can be used to give Jak eco powers from Keira, it could be used to convert itself into other colored energy. (note: eco also may be referred to "energy."

Green/Dark replacementEdit

High Impact Games took out the Dark Eco weapon (peace maker, mass inverter, and the super nova), and replaced it with a Green Eco weapon (the Lobber Grenade).

Dark Eco SagesEdit

There has been many different "known" dark eco sages. 1: Gol Acheron, a sick, evil person. He was just a highly developed scientist in dark eco and was the closest person known to be a dark eco sage in the "old world." 2: Maia Acheron, Gol's younger sister, was also just a highly developed scientist in dark eco and was the closest person known to be a dark eco sage in the "ol world." 3: The actual dark eco sage, was Tym, (Vin's nephew and/or grandson). He developed dark eco and all dark eco creatures, robots, weapons and D.E. Technology.

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