Grand City of Aeropa (G.C.A)








All (besides Light)




Landon Ruskin


Duke Skyheed

The Grand City of Aeropa is a city in the New World. It is the wealthiest city of all. Unlike Haven City, it is smaller, and has no zoomers, and unlike Spargus City, it has no leapers. Although Aeropa is the wealthies city, it has no vehicles. This may be because Aeropa is an open city, and it's cliffs lead to the far sky, and out of the world, (High Impact Games made this incase a glitch of an Aeropan flying out of the city)


Most of its history remains unknown. The only thing known is that the Aeropans were fighting a war against an unkown threat which they were losing. Duke Skyheed started Dark Eco experiments similar to what Jak suffered in Jak II on his people so that they can win the war. This ultimately led to Captain Phoenix's betrayal, feeling it was unfair that this had to be done on innocents, thus the Eco Pirates were formed. It can be assumed that the Aeropans won the war.



There is an eco seeker sanctum, and it also contains the Danger course and it's hangars.

Aeropa is a small city that rests on The Brink. It is the wealthiest city so far in the Jak and Daxter series; its large, glass buildings that are a magnificent sight. It never seems to get dark in Aeropa, but that might be because they are on the edge of the world. Occasionally, it will rain. No other weather effects happen to the city.


  • After visiting the Aeropan surface for the first time, it is impossible to go back again.
  • According to Captain Phoenix, the Aeropans were fighting a terrible war, but it is unknown who the enemy actually was. They possibly could have been fighting the Sky Pirates since they are enemies, but the Sky Pirates became a real threat for the Aeropans when Phoenix became their leader just as Ruskin says "They are cowards by nature, but with effective leadership, they can present a great threat to our way of life". We can assume that the Sky Pirates were not organised and were working individually before the leadership of Phoenix. The war was the reason that Skyheed started the dark eco experiments on his people.

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