The Interceptor is an extremely sleek and fast jet fighter designed for test pilots and extreme flying. Though capable of equipping a large number of weapons, its minimalist design leaves it little room for mods. Designed for maneuverability, its armor leaves something to be desired. Still, the Interceptor is a great choice for those who don't mind frequent evasive maneuvers and speed.

When boosters are engaged, the Interceptor's wings fold back for added aerodynamics. Once this transformation is achieved, the Interceptor boosters continue firing until air brakes are applied. Therefore, you only need to press the booster button once to increase speed.

This ship bears some resemblance to the Blagian Jet Fighter in Ratchet & Clank.


The Interceptor has poor navigation and hard turns, but still has the nav pad, for barrel rolls, loopty-loops and 180 turns.


Like most vehicles it uses HCGE as fuel.


It has the basic colors for the old eco pirate republic. It is very simaller to a common jet.





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