Power cell
Power Cells were only mentioned in The Lost Frontier. They were mentioned by Keira as she said

"If we can find more green eco fuel. And if I can repair the power cells 'the pirates shot!' "

Talking to Daxter, after he accidently shot their only airship, and blamed it on the eco pirates.

They are floating golden spheres with smaller spheres floating around it's base. They are used as a battery type thing. They have more luckworth, and are more valuable, and more powerful than precursor orbs. They are used as a precursor artifact.They are known to power lift shields to make vehicles fly.


  • Power cells are only seen in TPL, Jak 3, and Jak X. But they were mentioned in The Lost Frontier, perhaps High Impact Games wanted to bring back some of TPL's items. Becuase this is a very simaller game to TPL.

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