Eco Powers
There are four different types of oracles. Some give you a refill of eco, some give you eco

powers, and some give you missions such as to hunt to destroy, or hunt to find. They are controlled by the precursors.

Types of OraclesEdit

  1. Oracle Totem - These give you "Hunt the Orb" missions. They are small, and have their eyes shut when you finish their missions. They are located at the volcano, the brink, aeropa and other locations.
  2. Oracle Wafer Stands - These are brownish little plates on the ground with an oracle head popping up. This refills your eco power needs.
  3. Mission Oracle - These sit on tiny islands or hidden caves and give you missions, such as to bring an amount of eco crystals, or destroy intruding tresspassers from the Aeropans.
  4. Precursor idol - These pump a certain color eco into Jak's uniform to give him eco powers.


They have big blue eyes, sometimes with cat-ears, and sometimes have the form of an Egyption Feline.

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