Precursor Orb
Percursor Orbs are collectable items, and are worth more of the currency than eco is. They are floating egg shaped things that are gold. The translations are, the top half is "NaughtyDog," and the bottom half translates "Precursor." They are usually glowing but not all the time. They make a "Ding," or a "Boing," or a "Booh," sound when obtained. It is unknown were Jak stashes these precursor orbs, possibly his back strap, or, if they're made of eco, he obtains them by obsorbing them (kind of like eating them). They are used to buy secrets and upgrades.


These are used to buy secrets (like: silly secrets, cheats, and cutscenes and concept art). They are also used to do ship upgrades like speed, repairs, armors, or weapons.


They are floating egg shaped things, they are gold (maybe also seen as red), and have the Precursor Alphafront (aka: the elvish script) script on them.

The Precursor AlphaFrontEdit

The elvish script are the main letters used in the Jak and Daxter universe.


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