Eco Amplifier
Red Eco in the shape of form of a ball of eco is never seen in the Lost Frontier. Although it is seen in the scatter guns cone radius, and, in the Eco Amplifier. Red Eco (ammo) is used for ammo in the scatter gun.

Cone RadiusEdit

This is a cone radius coming from the scatter gun, that is made of red eco. It makes a noise when you fire it, because when any red eco material device, weapon etc., it makes a noise of some sort of boing, or ding, like the precursor orb. The cone radius is close fire.

Eco AmplifierEdit

Amplifier is the first Eco Power Jak obtains in Stage 7 after being marooned on Brink Island by pirates. With this Red Eco power Jak can create a small red ball of energy. When Jak releases the orb, it floats away until it touches any obstacle. Shoot the orb to detonate it, creating a powerful explosion that damages all targets in range. Amplifier can be used to damage enemies and also to destroy cracked rocks and weakened walls. This is also a powerful weapon against boss enemies.




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