The Uber-Bot 888 is part of the Uber Series of Robots built by Tym. He is the leader of the Sawbots and the Drillbots



A large robot with uber saws at the end, just like the sawbots.



Strong Armor, Shurikens, Laser, Uber-Saws




First PhaseEdit

Earthquake - Jumps up and down to cause earthquakes. Metal Discs - Shoots Metal Discs at Jak.

Second PhaseEdit

Spinning Blades - Spins around with Arm Blades revolving. Earthquake - Jumps up and down to cause earthquakes. Laser (red) - Shoots a strong laser from his eye. Laser (blue) - Stands and rotates while shooting a laser at Jak. (can reach up to 3 lasers at a time)


When Uber-Bot 888 uses his "Earthquake" attack, Jak needs to jump over it. This will allow him to dodge the mud that comes straight at him.

To dodge "Metal Discs", Jak needs to run away from them. He can either go up to Uber-Bot 888 or run away from them.

In his second phase, he starts to use "Spinning Blades". You cannot truly dodge this attack, only stop it by using Eco Construct. This will make him completely stop, and give you some time to get ready to dodge the next Earthquake.

When he uses his Laser (red), you need to simply jump over it or hide behind a large rock.

When he uses his Laser (blue), you can jump over it. You can only jump through them when there is more than one laser at a time.


First PhaseEdit

You need to jump over his "Earthquake" attack, then shoot at him with the Amplifier. When it touches him, shoot the Amplifier, and he will lose quite a bit of health. He will repeat the "Earthquake" attack, then shoot out Metal Discs. Just dodge these, and continue the Amplifier + Blaster Mod combination until he cuts down the trees and goes down into the barren wasteland below.

Second PhaseEdit

When you enter the second phase, he will start spinning using his "Spinning Blades" attack. Use Eco Construct and block the blades. When he gets stuck in the Crystals, you need to shoot at him using the Amplifier or just the normal Gunstaff. When he breaks out of the Crystal, he will hurt himself. You need to use this same combination one more time, and then the color of his eye will change to Red.

He will start to shoot a large laser at you. This is not when you want to hit him with the Amplifier. When it's over, his eye will go back to Blue. Now you can hit him with the amplifier until he finally dies. When he is dead, you will be given the Power Pod automatically.

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